[ Gift Code ] Maple Rush - Nấm Lùn Tiến Lên All gift code - How to redeem code Nấm Lùn Tiến Lên

[ Gift Code ] Maple Rush - Nấm Lùn Tiến Lên All gift code - How to redeem code Nấm Lùn Tiến Lên
Hey there, the last warrior on Shroom Island! The mission of reviving your home has begun. Thanks to the Lamp Goddess, she has blessed you with a magic lamp that dishes out fantastic gear! Pick up your weapon, gather allies, and tackle those challenging Bosses together to protect the island!

[Explore and Progress, Loot Opening]
Tap into the magic lamp and reveal epic gear! Battle monsters, endlessly unlock loot. Enhance your lamp level to boost the chances of rare weapon drops. A single tap brings divine gear and top-tier stats your way. Don't forget to revel in the auto-progress feature. No need to constantly monitor the game!

[Recruit Companions, Adventure Together]
Defending our homeland isn't a solo mission! Recruit pets as companions, build a strong adventure team. They'll stand by you, facing unknown challenges, and fighting for Shroom Island!

[Freedom to Change, Super Evolution]
Tailor your gaming strategy! Switch between warriors, archers, and mages as battles demand. Train talents, enhance skills, and unlock the potential for a super-evolution!

[Socialize Effortlessly, Conquer Bosses Together]
Forge new friendships in-game! Exchange adventure tips and tricks. Become part of the shroom family, team up against challenging Bosses with fellow members, and explore entertaining features like the Manor and Parking Lot. Dive into a world filled with enriching and joyful experiences!

Size: 68MB
Language: English, Vietnam, Thai, Indo, Phi,...

Download Maple Rush - Nấm Lùn Tiến Lên
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mxdzz.sea&hl=en_US
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/n%E1%BA%A5m-l%C3%B9n-ti%E1%BA%BFn-l%C3%AAn/id6473259128?l=vi

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How to redeem code Maple Rush - Nấm Lùn Tiến Lên
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