[ Gift Code ] 末日战姬-二次元策略卡牌游戏 - Doomsday Warrior All gift code - How to redeem code 末日战姬-二次元策略卡牌游戏

[ Gift Code ] 末日战姬-二次元策略卡牌游戏 - Doomsday Warrior All gift code - How to redeem code 末日战姬-二次元策略卡牌游戏
[Crisis erupts, Oasis Alliance is formed]
Legend has it that a scholar named Sibel in the City of Adventure discovered an ancient parasite that died next to the altar of mysterious ruins in the forest and extracted a rare "abyssal virus" , not only accelerates the genetic evolution of organisms but also has extremely strong vitality.

The famous president Carter once lost his daughter. In order to revive her, he sponsored the establishment of Xueshan Biochemical Technology Company, hired Sibel as the company's director, and began researching the "Abyss Virus". .

Carter wished to revive his daughter and began secretly conducting experiments on humans. During a test accident, the virus leaked, staff and experimental creatures became infected one after another, spreading to the city, and the entire world fell into crisis.

Since then, the crisis broke out and the human population plummeted.
The remaining human organizations formed the “Oasis” alliance, establishing bases to respond to the crisis and using high walls to protect human safety.

[Four great races, common confrontation]
Rich people who believe in technology and knowledge choose to equip their bodies with technology and become a race of machines with absolute command over the base. The machine race oppresses a group of kind-hearted and justice-seeking people, collectively known as the new humans. Due to scarce resources, the conflict between the two forces is increasingly fierce.

The survival of the primitive half-Orcs living in seclusion in the deep forest is threatened, to maintain their belief in natural harmony, they appear before the world and fight against the crisis.

The evil evolved species continue to attack the high wall. The laws of the "Oasis" Alliance allow a number of rare half-orcs and well-evolved species to join the Oasis Alliance base to strengthen the team against the evolved species.

[Collect genes to fight evolutionary threats]
Sibel used the assets of Snow Mountain Biochemical Technology Company to turn the abandoned R&D center at Snow Mountain into a shelter, collecting genetic samples to research advanced viruses.

The "Oasis" alliance sends the adventure girl Yue Ge and her group to investigate the shelter, but they are trapped by the enemy, who uses the shelter as a cover to start a war to ensure their safety. for yourself.

Just when Yue Ge was in a critical moment, the player commander suddenly defeated them and was elected by the girls to be the commander of the shelter. He decided to stay and help them collect genetic samples and accomplish what they wanted. "Oasis" " essential alliance for immune virus research. quantity.

From this moment on, the commander continues to rewrite history in the story...

The crisis in the adventure world is about to happen and a new life is about to begin. So commanders, are you ready to lead the girls on adventure?

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Language: English

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