[ Gift Code ] Blade Warriors All gift code - How to redeem code Blade Warriors

[ Gift Code ] Blade Warriors All gift code - How to redeem code Blade Warriors
《Blade Warriors》 has exquisite scenes, gorgeous skill effects, and is committed to creating a beautiful dream world for you! More beasts, gods, cool wings, powerful artifacts for your road to become strong paved! Sect fights are exciting, hero lineups are easy to mix and match, and a lot of bosses are challenging you! The wheel of your destiny began to turn, there is a crisis in the fairyland, the brave martial artist is ready to strike, polish the hand of the blade, together to defend the peach fairyland, open belongs to your hero's path!

Game Features
◆Strong partner Unstoppable
The strong power of the partner helps the warrior to overcome everything, fearless, and pave a flat road for the road to become strong!
Cool Skills Full Screen Effect
◆ Cool Skills Full-screen effects, cool explosion!
◆ Fantasy Modeling and Shining Personality
Colorful wings, cool lineup collocation, the arrival of godly pets, all can be collocated at will!
◆Gods and Humans Mixed Battle
Passionate PVP, PVE, all kinds of activities are very interesting, and there are peak competitions and sect fights for the rise of the heroes!

Gameplay introduction
1、Six elements have their own characteristics, lineup combinations change at will, the battlefield through different lineups with the effect of surprise!
2、Cross-service PK winner is the king, a variety of cross-service war, not only PK duel, you are chasing the strongest journey!
3、Solo king of the sword, fighting for the sect, and the enemy to the death, soaring in the sky, you are the focus of attention!
4、Challenge the powerful world BOSS anytime, anywhere, defeat the Lord of the Abyss, get rich rewards, your descent will shake the whole continent!

Size: 56MB
Language: English

Download Blade Warriors
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hkarkgames.shxb
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/blade-warriors/id6475022151

Gift code Blade Warriors
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How to redeem code Blade Warriors
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