[ Gift Code ] Vạn Giới PK All gift code - How to redeem code

[ Gift Code ] Vạn Giới PK All gift code - How to redeem code
◈◈◈ +200 Divine General - Overturning the Thousand Realms
Interesting and new, Van Gioi PK brings together heroes from the 3 hottest themes on the market: Tay Du - Tam Quoc - Phong Than. Unlimited chaos, freely combine teams and become king of the multiverse. Na Tra soloed Duong Tang, Khuong Tu Nha paired swords with Quan Vu... Crazy creativity turned the matches into unpredictable, surprising and exciting.
Generals are divided into Tank, Fighter, Striker, Support and Assassin classes; 5 Systems: Nine Heavens, Kunlun, Hong Hoang, Tai Am and Tai Yang. A maximum of 6 Generals per battle, 5 Fighting Generals and 1 General in the support box, extremely exciting.

◈◈◈ Breakthrough Features – Breakthrough Gameplay
New experience with additional attractive features: Marriage, Treasure, Affection, Mini Game
Don't be afraid of lacking acting space. Showing beautiful generals or demonstrating tactics are also eye-catching.

◈◈◈ Eye-catching Apparel - Confidently Show Off Your Personality
Playing games is about looking good, whether it's role-playing or general cards. Main can unlock new fashions, increase attributes and become more powerful in battle. The rich title system and "skill tree" full of secrets to fame in the three worlds are also factors that help players become special and confidently show off their own personality.

◈◈◈ PK Lien Server - Combat Machine Fire

Take on extreme challenges with countless fiery battlefields, experience all levels of emotions and enjoy absolute victory.
• Inter-server Cong Thanh War: Each Citadel will have a Divine Beast defending it. You must destroy the Divine Beast to be able to begin conquering the city. The more you pass, the higher the reward
• Royal Arena: Season-based Arena, lasting 21 days, Iron - Royal rank. Each pair has a BO3 match to find the next winner, with an end-of-season reward rich in royal coins, moves, gold...
• Inter-server Secret Scenes: There are a total of 15 Secret Scenes, automatically farming monsters and accumulating resource rewards. After joining Tien Mon (Gang), you can occupy a base in Secret Canh, accumulate points for Tien Mon on the rankings and receive the corresponding Buff. The ultimate goal of course is to dominate TOP 1 and receive exclusive gifts.

◈◈◈ Enter the Game and Give Millions of KNB for Life - Vip 10 Handouts
Login rewards, mission rewards, maturity rewards are all abundant KNB. Free Legendary champion - Ha Hau Don, Legendary champion - Ly Bach, Select Sacred Treasure package - Cao.
Exceed 100 Levels to receive Free Vip 10, cumulative login to receive millions of KNB, combat power continuously increases.

Size: 28MB
Language: Vietnam

Download Vạn Giới PK
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shg.sg403
APK: https://apkcombo.com/van-gioi-pk/com.shg.sg403/
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/v%E1%BA%A1n-gi%E1%BB%9Bi-pk-open-10h-s%C3%A1ng/id6464361869

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