[ Gift Code ] Tiny-Bird GO! All gift code - how to redeem code

[ Gift Code ] Tiny-Bird GO! All gift code - how to redeem code
A casual Idle RPG game that integrates placement and collection. Play it anytime, anywhere!
Tiny Bird--as the last healthy bird of the Phoenix Kingdom, you must defeat the guardians of ten ancient civilizations, obtain ancient magic rings, and combine them into ring gloves to defeat the virus!

[Summon Props]
Summon props and form your own team to save the world together!

[Collect Skills]
Different civilizations give birth to different guardians, which require your mastery of all the skills, strategy is the key!

[Get Idle-rewards anytime]
Whatever online or offline, there is lots of gold coin waitting for you! Become a Millionaire Tycoon!

[Dig surprises in Garden]
Treasures are randomly refreshed in Garden. Try to dig deeper and encounter more surprises!

Size: 16MB
Language: English

Download Tiny-Bird GO!
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ark.clngl.gp
APK: https://apkcombo.com/tiny-bird-go/com.ark.clngl.gp/
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/tiny-bird-go/id6461416079

Gift code Tiny-Bird GO!
  1. BIRDGO888
  2. BIRDFB666
  3. christmas

How to redeem code Tiny-Bird GO!
Avatar - Giftcode
Please redeem within the game settings. First come first served!

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