[ Gift Code ] Ninja War Legend All gift code - how to redeem code - New Naruto Game

[ Gift Code ] Ninja War Legend All gift code - how to redeem code - New Naruto Game
The Ninja World War is about to start, putting ninja world at risk. Step into the shoes of a ninja team leader and go on a journey to improve your ninja skills. You'll get the chance to recruit famous ninjas, join the Shinobi Alliance, fight against evil organizations, and ultimately, save the ninja world.
- Classic and amazing adventure
Enjoy exciting ninja battles with full-screen, beautiful ninjutsu displays, and the return of famous ninjas from the series.
- Fun and diverse gameplay
The game offers a variety of gameplay styles to keep things fresh and interesting. Besides the main story and daily missions, you can explore abysses and sanctuaries, face unique challenges, and show off your team's abilities.
- Strategy-based battles
The ninja skills are no longer fixed, allowing a clever combination of different moves and forbidden jutsu skills. Equip summoned beasts and support ninjas to further enhance your team's strength, allowing for strategic and tactical gameplay to take down opponents.
- Team up and play with friends
Create or join a group, and fight alongside other members in ninja battles. Work together to compete for control of the God Tree and earn great rewards.
- Relax and play efficiently with idle gameplay
Collect resources even when you're not playing, and use an idle gameplay style to fight easily. Say goodbye to endlessly repeating the same tasks.

Size: 1.07GB
Language: English, ...

Download Ninja War Legend
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hvreus.lzketbue
APK: https://apkcombo.com/ninja-war-legend/com.hvreus.lzketbue/

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