[ New Game ] Warrior Infinity Gameplay - Android APK Download - New Dragon Ball Game

[ New Game ] Warrior Infinity Gameplay - Android APK Download - New Dragon Ball Game
“Embrace the danger, and my excitement soars.”
“In this world, only power is tangible! Everything else is merely an illusion of the weak.”

Welcome to an RPG game inspired by classic anime characters. Here, you have the opportunity to construct and train a formidable team of heroes. Your task involves strategically deploying them, taking into account the unique traits of each hero. Lead them through numerous battles against the forces of darkness, guiding them to grow and become more potent. This entire journey is imbued with childhood nostalgia, reminiscent of unity, effort, adventure, and friendship.

You are sure to evolve into an unstoppable force, a dominant super-team!

The game offers an immersive battle experience through exquisite 3D models of iconic heroes, accompanied by stunningly dynamic skill effects. Thrilling combat scenes await, promising an exhilarating experience.

In addition to cultivating your hero team to conquer the forces of darkness, you can also lead your team through diverse range of novel dungeon events. Embark on explorations along the Snake Way, engage in Martial Arts Tournaments, participate in the King Kai’s Trials, and reap unique resources that foster growth.

Game Highlights:
- Unlock up to one hundred renowned classic heroes, enabling you to create a potent team!
- Strategically assemble teams based on hero traits, fine-tune combat tactics, and triumph over enemies!
- Unlock talents and extra buffs, increasing the hero’s power and tipping the scales in favor of victory!

Size: 1.16GB
Language: English

Download Warrior Infinity
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.msdbms.ldblocality
APK: https://apkcombo.com/warrior-infinity/com.msdbms.ldblocality/

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