[ New Game ] DarkCutie Gameplay - Android APK Download

[ New Game ] DarkCutie Gameplay - Android APK Download
One-handed operation,Slide Adventure Card rpg, countless combinations, fun without fatigue.
Classic equipment system from D2, free treasure hunting, strategic and challenging.
Simple! Exquisite! Freely!

【Fun ​is determined by me】
Players can play the game with maximum freedom and openness, completely bidding farewell to the daily card playing style! All treasures can be obtained by defeating monsters, and even small monsters can lose top-notch equipment. Anything is possible!

【Easy to get started】
Swipe the screen with one hand to fight, saving time for running and finding monsters. Hundreds of 'aid' provide support for players in battles, freely combining aid teams, making it difficult to master!Just occasionally sliding up and down, easy to operate but versatile in strategy.

【Magic find】
Five major maps, free to search, with over 300 legendary sets for players to search for treasures. Each piece of equipment has completely random attributes and can be played with hundreds of thousands of different combinations!

【Exquisite and personalized Cutie】
A majestic musketeer, a silent thief, and a divine officer within reach of tentacles...Encounter assistance from different dimensions and professions, combine them to form a Heavenly Group, acquire finishing skills, and stimulate talent to continuously improve!

There are also many adventures in the game, such as brain burning puzzles that are different from battles, assistance from arcane encounters, mysterious rainbow levels... easily obtain various unexpected surprises!

A brand new dark adventure is about to begin!

Story Background:
Around 1000 years before the Holy Divine Era, a great war erupted between the gods and demons, lasting a century. With the help of humans, the gods destroyed the physical forms of the three demon lords and banished the demons back to hell.

84 years before the Holy Divine Era, the demon lords cunningly created a rift between humans and gods, seizing the opportunity to re-enter the world. By the time humans realized this, the demons had already defeated most gods. The remaining gods transformed themselves into three sealing stones, entrusting them to humans who then trapped the demon lords within these gems. Henceforth, the gods and their realm ceased to exist, hell fell silent again, and humans enjoyed centuries of peace.

In the first year of the Holy Divine Era, humans established the Primeval Assembly, marking the beginning of the Holy Divine Calendar, and took charge of the sealing stones.

In the year 753 of the Holy Divine Era, the imprisoned demon lords eroded the will of their guardians, gaining freedom. They summoned endless hordes of demons from hell to invade the world and gather human souls to regain their strength.

The human race, caught in internal strife and burgeoning desires, was on the brink of awakening the demons. To combat this, they embarked on a quest to gather legendary equipment from mystical realms, showcasing their strategic prowess and marching towards hell.

Demons, born from human desires, seek to eradicate humanity. As an adventurer, you journey to the distant Oasis to save the crumbling tribes and find a way to reseal the demons...
Meanwhile, you also rescue and assemble allies from different dimensions to explore the Continent of Desire.
The sealing stones no longer have the power to contain the demons, instead serving as tools for them to collect human souls. You must travel to the Lost Harbor to obtain the power to destroy these stones...
In countless dimensions, apart from encountering allies, you'll experience various mystical realms and create miracles with hundreds of unique legendary equipments and sets.

The demon army continuously pours into the land from the River of Flames. Possessing the ability to destroy the sealing stones, you confront the Wrathful Demon Lord at the River of Flames, severing the connection between hell and the world。 ...

Size: 637MB
Language: English

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Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weipu.DarkCutie
APK: https://apkcombo.com/darkcutie/com.weipu.DarkCutie/

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