[ New Game ] Crazy Fight Gameplay - Android APK Download - Anime Game

[ New Game ] Crazy Fight Gameplay - Android APK Download - Anime Game
Imagine the anime characters in your card collection coming to life on your screen and fighting alongside you. Now, that dream is about to become a reality! Crazy Fight is an exciting idle card game that brings you endless excitement and fun.

【Free Your Hands and Claim the Offline Benefits】
Arrange the formation by deploying the hero cards, watch them fight automatically, earn a variety of rewards, and collect a lot of offline rewards. Increase your strength and unlock more skills by continuously promoting the level and quality of your cards. It allows you to easily earn benefits while enjoying the excitement of combat and cool graphics.

【Summon Super Rare Anime Heroes】
Draw a large number of heroes to build a huge anime character card library, which will have a variety of classic characters from various famous anime. You can collect and upgrade these cards to improve their abilities and skills. Each character has unique characteristics and skills, and you need to use them properly to meet various challenges.

【Multiple Game Modes Bring Unlimited Fun】
There are multiple game modes for you to choose from. You can get rewards for completing the puzzles on the island, and you can also enter challenges, defeat various strong enemies, and gain a lot of experience and items.

【Gorgeous Special Effects And Exquisite Character Drawing】
The beautiful design and gorgeous skill effects of the characters make the battle scene quite cool. The screen will be filled with brilliant lights and stunning effects when the characters perform their skills, making you feel like you're in a real combat. Every battle is a visual feast that keeps you immersed and unable to extricate yourself.

【Experience PVP Combat And Enjoy the Competition】
Experience PVP battles in a variety of competitive modes, such as attending a tournament and competing against players around the world for rankings!

【Claim Generous Benefits FOR FREE】
NEW PLAYER GIFT: Get lots of rewards including Diamonds and Draws FOR FREE!
1ST TOP-UP GIFT: Top up any amount everyday in ten days to get plentiful FREE DRAWS!

Now, join the world of Crazy Fight and meet your beloved anime characters! You will experience unparalleled fun and excitement in this game full of fancy and rewards. Are you ready? Come and join the fight!

Size: 73MB
Language: English

Download Crazy Fight
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.crazyfight.mk
APK: https://apkcombo.com/crazy-fight/com.crazyfight.mk/

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