[ Giftcode ] Thiên Mệnh Đăng Tiên - Gzone All giftcode - how to redeem code

[ Giftcode ] Thiên Mệnh Đăng Tiên - Gzone All giftcode - how to redeem code
As Real as a Cultivation Novel!

Idle game adapted from the best Tu Tien novels of 2023!

Thien Menh Dang Tien is an extremely attractive idle game, adapted from the unique Tu Tien novel series, where Tu Chan people can comfortably and quietly practice, searching for immortality in the magical world. With the player as the main player, you can freely explore unique magical lands, freely choose your path and create your own legendary life. Enter different portals, learn martial arts, capture Spirit Beasts, fight against demons and meet like-minded friends. All kinds of different cultivation methods and rich gameplay are waiting for friends to choose. Explore and enjoy now!

Thien Menh Dang Tien - Fulfill your Tu Tien dream, as real as a magical storybook!
Friends, please stop, the idle mobile game "Thien Menh Dang Tien" adapted and combined from many famous Tu Tien story books has officially launched, welcome to join Thien Menh Dang Tien's Fanpage. Let's create an interesting, authentic and lively Tu Chan world together!

==========Game Features==========

■ Automatic gameplay ■
Is your phone hanging up? Whatiii, still leveling up manually, fighting copies? There is no need to play this game! Game Auto plays super saves energy and time!
Wherever you go, whatever you do, anytime, anywhere, experience the game automatically! Offline also receive thousands of rich rewards!

■ Public law combines freely■
The peerless techniques in martial arts novels are all here!
Diverse unique sects, create your own forbidden sect town treasures, collect the essence to become peerless magic, invincible in the world!

■ Rich content ■
Auto nurture, fight, make friends and hundreds of Immortals are waiting for you!
Cultivate in seclusion, feel free and at ease; Travel the world, slay demons and demons, collect geniuses and treasures! What could be better than that?

■The cultivating plot closely follows the original■
The setting of the cultivating world closely follows the original plot! Sect Master, senior brother, junior junior sister, diverse characters - step on the path of cultivating immortals with you!
Fellow Daoist is the main character in the novel Mortal Cultivation Immortal; All love, hatred, hatred, happiness and sadness... right here, write your own path to becoming an immortal!

Size: 55MB
Language: Vietnam

Download Thiên Mệnh Đăng Tiên - Gzone
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.immortaltaoists.vn
APK: https://apkcombo.com/thien-menh-dang-tien-gzone/com.immortaltaoists.vn/

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