[ Giftcode ] 神話志:覺醒 - Mythology: Awakening All giftcode - how to redeem code

[ Giftcode ] 神話志:覺醒 - Mythology: Awakening All giftcode - how to redeem code
"Mythology: Awakening" is a fantasy-themed free strategy card mobile game. New users can log in to receive a cool gift pack!
The quiet and peaceful Six Realms are once again in turmoil due to the awakening of the Demon God.
Heroes from the six realms of gods, immortals, humans, demons, demons, and spirits have re-formed an alliance to work together to sweep away the treacherous secret realm, challenge the vicious demon god, and restore peace to the six realms.
[The Return of the Gods - Easily obtain high-combat heroes]
The great demon Sun Wukong, the Holy Infant Red Boy, and dozens of other heroes of the six realms will be under your command, and they will work with you to defeat demons and protect the peace of the six realms.
[Step by step - a clever lineup turns the tide of the battle]
There are no useless heroes! Don’t take combat power as the only criterion! Each hero has unique skills and passives. Through clever hero combinations and formations, the battle situation can be reversed and the final victory achieved.
[Forced Equipment Refining - Automatically push the level to the next level for fun battles while connected to the Internet]
Heroes have the same combat power, and they only need to simply strengthen their equipment and forge magic weapons to increase their combat power. Real idle gameplay, you can get rich rewards even offline, and easily upgrade to automatically push levels.
[Exploring the Secret Realm - Subduing Demons and Defending the Six Realms]
The secret realm shrouded in the power of chaos hides the power to defeat the devil! Pass the secret realm trial and defeat the boss to get rich rewards and quickly increase your combat power.

Size: 941MB
Language: China

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APK: https://apkcombo.com/%E7%A5%9E%E8%A9%B1%E5%BF%97-%E8%A6%BA%E9%86%92/com.yx.ahxshz/

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