[ Gift Code ] Dragon Song: Hội Săn Rồng - Funtap All gift code - how to redeem code

[ Gift Code ] Dragon Song: Hội Săn Rồng - Funtap All gift code - how to redeem code
Oars is a city built around a fountain in the sky, where 4 unique races live, sharing a common faith - Oceanos, the God of River. In this serene and mysterious sky utopia, the diverse civilizations develop rapidly and harmoniously.

In this era, attacks by evil things are commonplace. In the face of the threat, brave adventurers formed the Adventurer's Guild, which not only introduced advanced technology but also allowed the citizens to live a peaceful life under the blessing of the Titans. Adventurers would choose a class based on the strength of their race and earn great rewards by completing quests.

Once a year, there'll be a grand adventurer's arena to select the strongest from each class and honor them as King of Heroes, who are powerful enough to fight the fierce dragons. For thousands of years, generations of Heroes have done glorious deeds, defending the Oars from invasion.

One day, however, citizens of Oars heard the sound of the sky breaking up - a crack appeared in the Dimension Fissure! The elders poured their power into the Wood Soul and tried to close that rift. However, a mighty demon that reeked of chaos managed to escape, and it began to attack Yggdrasil - the key power to sealing the rift.

The adventurers, now become the protectors of Oars, touch their armors and take a deep but determined breath. It's time to fight back!

Game Features:
[Explore the Magnificent Sky Utopia] Leave your footprints in every corner of this utopia and create your own memories with citizens of Oars.
[Enjoy Surprise Gifts] Log in to get 100M FREE GREEN DIAMONDS and generous upgrade resources! Fast growth is never a worry!
[Interact for Endless Fun] Meet other adventures in daily gameplay, Fishing, Dancing, Bonding, etc. The journey is never monotonous when there are lots of companions!
[Customize Your Looks] Design your own unique style with gorgeous avatars and cool outfits!
[Conquer For Glory] Gather your guild members, utilize battle wisdom, unleash ultimate skills, and fight together for the glory of your faction!

🐲Dragon Song: Hội Săn Rồng
Game Nhập Vai Mạo Hiểm Triệu Người Chơi
✌️Đăng nhập nhận FREE VIP 15 , ưu đãi vô hạn TẶNG 10 vạn KIM CƯƠNG miễn phí trọn đời
💁12 tính năng Boss, săn Rồng cả ngày đồ đỏ đầy tay!!!
👑Hệ thống map cộng đồng, tự do tương tác, tự do giao dịch
💥200+ thời trang nâng cấp vô hạn

Size: 199MB
Language: Vietnam

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Android: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsong.funtap
APK: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsong.funtap
iOS: https://www.facebook.com/dragonsong.funtap

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Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.indie.ys.google.en
APK: https://apkcombo.com/sky-utopia/com.indie.ys.google.en/
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/my/app/sky-utopia/id1658682131

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