[ Gift Code ] Animal Rumble : Idle RPG All gift code - how to redeem code

[ Gift Code ] Animal Rumble : Idle RPG All gift code - how to redeem code
Super hilarious idle game.Help animals defeat barbarians through varied skills.

In this game, you will use different strategies and skill sets to help forest animals fight against the hungry barbarians. Pre-war strategy is the key!
Join the adventure in the Animal Rumble funny Idle RPG!

=Simple Battle Mechanism=
Choose animals you like and tap on the barbarians you want to attack,and the animals with unique skills will fight with you.
For example, a giraffe with a very long neck will punch its enemies directly.

=Powerful Level System=
Level up your animals by clearing stages to get XP and items.
Lucky players may encounter endless opportunities to treasure chests.
Different levels of treasure chests waiting for you to open, out of a variety of skill items and gold, to help you become the stronges.

=Super Funny Gameplay=
All kinds of animals, with unexpected skills and funny looks.
For example, the Shiba Inu named Joey, with its strong arms, will fly away with one punch when facing an enemy. The Zebra with long hair can attack by shaking hair.

Enjoy the fun of idle, real-time battles, collect various animals, and progress through different stages. Unlock endless treasure chests and cultivate your own animal team. Whether you are someone who loves humor and fun atmosphere, or someone busy with work, you can find your own enjoyment in ""Animal Rumble""!

Size: 149MB
Language: English

Download Animal Rumble: Idle RPG
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pwrd.abwar
APK: https://apkcombo.com/animal-rumble-idle-rpg/com.pwrd.abwar/

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