Wuxia Online กระบี่มังกรหยก All giftcode - how to redeem code

[ Giftcode ] Wuxia Online กระบี่มังกรหยก All giftcode - how to redeem code
The idle card game Wuxia Online: Idle is newly launched! Welcome to a leisurely martial world. Challenge hundreds of sects, meet your dream heroines , embrace the idle gameplay, liberate your hands, dominate the martial world effortlessly!
Are you ready, young hero?

🎁Get a free Super Giftset with 1000 draws
📅Daily logins grant you obtain TOP swordsman as your choice
🎒Your inventory will be overflowing with development resources

===Game Highlights===

⚔️Collect diverse beautiful swordswomen
From the cool to the adorable, and the gentle swordwomen...
The martial world is dangerous – young heroes, bring them into your fold!

🔥No losses when swapping cards
Resetting characters refunds 100% of your resources
So freely – why would you not want to dominate the battlefield?

🍹Start a leisurely journey in the martial world
The Jubao Mountain is filled with Fortune Secret, and the Tower of Tianji is filled with Martial Arts Secret. Gossip while amassing riches!

🕹️Auto-battle for effortless victories
The old, tiring ways of traditional training are history!
Now, you can level up effortlessly while you sleep – young hero, Come and relax!

Size: 82MB
Language: English, Thai,...

Download Wuxia Online กระบี่มังกรหยก
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.forshow.wulin.google
APK: https://apkcombo.com/wuxia-online-idle/com.forshow.wulin.google/
iOS: https://apps.apple.com/th/app/wuxia-online-idle-rewards-fun/id6446879675?l=th?l=th

Giftcode Wuxia Online กระบี่มังกรหยก
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