Shield Hero: RISE Gift code - How to redeem code

[ Gift Code ] Shield Hero: RISE Gift code - How to redeem code
Details of Pre-registration Milestone Rewards are as follows:

50,000 Registrations: Gold * 200, Premium Recruitment Order * 3, Silver * 1,000
100,000 Registrations: Gold * 300, Premium Recruitment Order * 5, Silver * 2,000
300,000 Registrations: Gold * 500, Premium Recruitment Order * 10, Silver * 3,000

Gift Package Notes:

1. Each pre-registration tier corresponds to a specific reward tier. Once a pre-registration tier is reached, all players in the server will receive the rewards for that tier and all previous tiers.

2. The rewards will be distributed to players via in-game mail. All registered players within the first 1 to 3 months after the game's official launch will be eligible to receive the rewards.

Shield Hero: RISE (also known as The Rising of the Shield Hero: RISE) is a mobile game based on the anime series of the same name, licensed by Kadokawa Corporation. The game faithfully presents the anime's original story, characters, and core aesthetic, aiming to deliver a highly immersive experience to all. Embedded with diverse gameplay, it builds up an amazing world where players can have a blast and explore strategies at the same time. Here, you can customize hero talents and squad lineups to become the unstoppable and brave the waves of calamity.

Experience the game world that transports you back to the story of The Rising of the Shield Hero! As the tide surges, the world starts to collapse under the threat of waves of calamity. The legendary heroes are summoned to defeat the waves and bear the burden of redemption. As you become the protagonist of the story, your grand journey will be witnessed. It's time to write your own history!

Just like in the anime, you can customize the shield stats and use them to your advantage in battle. Be a guardian who helps teammates survive, a shield master who maximizes the team's performance, or any type of hero as you wish—you can always find your way to fight against the waves!

Meet the top-notch voice actors from Season 1 of The Rising of the Shield Hero—Ishikawa Kaito, Seto Asami, Hidaka Riba, and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu! Immerse yourself in the story and just feel the emotions transported beyond the screen as their voices breathe life into pixels!

After traveling back in time, you will set out for a thrilling and, possibly, romantic journey with interesting companions. Forge bonds with them, ignite the sparks of romance, and assemble the brave to defeat the waves and bring back home peace!

Size: 998MB
Language: English,...

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How to redeem code Shield Hero: RISE
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