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[ Gift Code ] Plunder Realm Gift code - How to redeem code - One Piece Game
All pirates, raise your arms and face the challenge! Take a wonderful adventure with your crew and you will chase the legendary treasure. In this vast sea, only by using your wisdom and courage can you overcome all kinds of difficulties.

-Game features-

【Limited time rewards, discover treasures】
In addition to pirate battles, there are various time-limited adventures waiting for your participation in the pirate world.Winner takes all!

【Free your hands and enjoy the game】
The new smart operating system that allows you to easily control pirate ships for battle. Free your hands, allowing you to focus more on the fun of strategy and combat.

【Colorful pirate life】
In the pirate world, besides fighting and exploring, you can also communicate and cooperate with other players.

Size: 463MB
Language: English

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