[ New Game ] 御剑幸存者 - Immortal Survivors Gameplay - Android APK Download

[ New Game ] 御剑幸存者 - Immortal Survivors Gameplay - Android APK Download
The demon invasion, ravaging the land.

Heros, it's time for you to step up!

Assemble! Choose a variety of skills!
Select skills from different schools based on the unique characteristics of cultivators. Swordsmanship, Thunder Punishment, Frost Magic! Harness your extraordinary powers and choose your path of empowerment!

Train! Hone your strength!
Utilize cultivation techniques to refine your realm. With every level of advancement, become unparalleled even amidst the magic tide!

Epic loot! Equipment is an integral part of the game!
Acquire more celestial treasures! Equipment not only enhances your abilities but also amplifies the effectiveness of your skills!

Use your wits and your hands!
Utilize dashes to narrowly escape the tides of monsters. Survive continuously and eliminate the surging hordes of demons!

In the face of formidable enemies, never give up! Start a new!
Demon leaders are incredibly powerful, but seek out their weaknesses! Elevate your combat prowess with each battle, eventually defeating the terrifying demon lords!

100+ Skills! Only those who grasp the bigger picture can choose the right combination!
10,000+ Monsters! They come like tidal waves!
100+ Equipment! Gamble for divine gear! Double the power of your skills!

Size: 1.07GB
Langauge: English, China

Download 御剑幸存者 - Immortal Survivors
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shangzhai.yjfm&hl=en_EN
APK: https://apkcombo.com/immortal-survivors/com.shangzhai.yjfm/

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