Mythic Tales:idle RPG Gift code - How to redeem code

[ Gift Code ] Mythic Tales:idle RPG Gift code - How to redeem code

【Summon mighty Heroes】
Over 100 heroes in six factions. From beautiful artwork to amazing 3D characters and voice acting, your mythic heroes are sure to impress.

【Train your Mythic Heroes】
Enhance their abilities with idle gameplay, unlock their iconic weapons, and strengthen them for battles.

【Collect Powerful Weapons】
Collect a variety of weapons on your adventurous journey! Observe the hero's characteristics and match his weapons to enhance the team's combat effectiveness.

【Create the Strongest Team】
No absolute power, you can turn the tide with just one tap! Command your heroes to adjust lineups and positions for easy cross-combat PK victories!

【Vanquish epic bosses】
Lead your team to defeat the epic boss!Hundreds of equipment, weapons, and gems are waiting for you!

Size: 582MB
Language: English

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How to redeem code Mythic Tales:idle RPG
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