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The Dragon Lord race, which guarded the door to multi-dimensional space, was defeated by demon gods.
The [Demon God]'s cold-blooded invasion mercilessly slaughtered the Dragon Lord race.
The Demon Gods roared as if they were the Dragon Lords' natural enemies. They took over the door of the multi-dimensional space. And in an instant, the entire Dragon Lords' habitat was in ruins.
In the face of the Demon God's never-ending attack, the Dragon Lords' power and magic were meaningless, and the Dragon Lord race was violated.
As a last resort, the saint of the Dragon Lord race, Bahamut, and her sister, Tiamat, were entrusted with the Infinity Elemental Rune, which allows them to freely move in the multi-dimensional space. With the rune, they made their escape.
The remaining Dragon Lords prayed.
That Saint Bahamut and Saint Thiamat meet the heroes and gods from other dimensions and fight the demon gods alongside them to bring peace to the multi-dimensional world!!

Want to enjoy an advanced match 3 puzzle RPG? Next-generation action puzzle RPG for puzzle RPG users!!

Let's go on an adventure into the world of multi-dimensional space with the Infinity Puzzle War heroes!

■ Intense pleasure and thrill in your hands: the next-generation puzzle RPG
Feel the fun of strategy through puzzle play with Heroes' and Gods' unique skills at infinity Puzzle War!!
Enjoy the fun of the thrilling next-generation puzzle RPG!

■ unique and attractive character
Collect various hero skins by using the costume system while playing 100 different kinds of heroes and gods who participate in the battle as illustrated!!

■ Exceptional quality graphics
Experience extraordinary graphics and characters made with the latest animation technology based on high-quality illustrations!!

■ Battle using heroes' unique skills
Experience the fun of Infinity Puzzle War's battle play by utilizing the unique skills of various heroes with colorful skill motions and effects!!!

■ A thrilling PVP puzzle battle
PVP that makes your hands sweat! Become the best warrior and get special rewards!

■ Enjoy a Boss raid together
Participate in a brilliant puzzle strategy battle against powerful bosses such as demon gods, devils, and fallen angels!!

Infinity Puzzle War is available to download and play for free.

A network connection is required for game play.

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- No separate access is requested when using the app.

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(If the service period is not indicated, the end date of the service is considered the period of use)

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Size: 608MB
Language: English

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