Idle Epic Angels of Fate All giftcode - how to redeem code

[ Giftcode ] Idle Epic Angels of Fate All giftcode - how to redeem code
A Fantastic Anime Idle RPG game! Rescue and collect your Epic Angels, and explore the open world with your friends!

★Rescue and Collect the Epic Anime Angels★
Rescue and collect 100+ fantastic Angels from the hands of the Dark Legion and explore the vast cosmos with them by your side.

★IDLE System★
The Idle system can help you grow and train your Epic Angels without any grinding. You can keep obtaining the endless Diamonds and EXP while you are AFK.
Enjoy claiming the Diamonds and EXP every time when you login and take advantage of the one-tap level-up to grow your Angels immediately.

★Rich Rewards from Daily Quests★
The Daily Quests can never make you bored because of the varieties of the quests and the rich rewards you can get from them.
Tips: The further you go in the Main Quest, the more Diamonds and EXP you can get while you are AFK.

★Player PK Arena★
Compete with rivals from all over the world for the crown that belongs to the real King!

Size: 682MB
Language: English

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Giftcode Idle Epic Angels of Fate
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