Call of Chaos : Assemble Gameplay - Android APK Download

[ New Game ] Call of Chaos : Assemble Gameplay - Android APK Download
▣Pre-registration event▣
‘CALL OF CHAOS: Assemble’ pre-registration event in progress!

■ Official pre-registration rewards
- 1 special pass
- 10 blessed movement spells
- 30 potions of speed

■ Google Play pre-registration rewards
- 10 avatar summon tickets
- 5 blessed movement spells
- 10 Potions of Speed

▣ Game introduction ▣

▶ There are FULL limits to content.
Content of an overwhelming scale!
Challenge yourself with a variety of content that has no limits.

▶ Infinite Docsa’s limits are FULL.
My own character that becomes stronger based on my time and effort!
Experience the fun of the game through hunting.

▶ Limitations on growth are finally here.
The era of free growth has finally opened!
Develop your own character through free growth.

▶ The limits of competition are FULL.
An infinite battlefield unfolding freely on a vast land!
Join the free and glorious battle that unfolds there.

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