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Journey to the West - Horizontal-screen role-playing game with the same plot as Journey to the West
The game is produced and published by the Vietnamese team - G4M

1. Stick to the plot - Evoke childhood memories
- In the game, players can choose one of 4 character classes to role-play, together experiencing the colorful world of western travel.
- During the learning process, players will be able to face the challenges of the game such as: Son Hau, Ngao Thach, Sa La Da, Ha Kim Quy... With ingenuity in control, players must Fight off monsters, find items for yourself: armor, hats, pants, leather shoes... to equip yourself.
- With more than 90 levels with many different gameplay scenes, Dai Tay Du will help you have relaxing moments next to your phone, and gain new experiences on this thrilling journey.

2. 2D Chibi style - Perfect graphics
- If you love drawing from the old Java era, you will not be unfamiliar with pixel graphics from previous years. So how is it different now? Try it out to see the clear improvement in graphics. What we are always proud of is that the game's 2D chibi graphics are the most beautiful developed by Vietnamese people, up to the present time.

3. Super light capacity - Not picky at all
- Still loyal to the motto: "Light game, not picky about the device". This is the first guideline in the technical team's working criteria: the game loads quickly, is suitable for devices, and supports hangups, which will help players have a great, fun, and connected experience. longer. Currently, the full download size of the game is just under 150MB.

4. Start trading - Feel free to Auto
- You have played many game genres from ninja school, dragon ball, dragon boy, western onion, farm... then one thing is for sure: these hardcore game series must definitely create opportunities for plowing and auto Only when comfortable will stimulate the needs of players together. Grasping the trend and psychology, the team not only increased the difficulty for players to conquer but also created opportunities for players to earn items and trade more conveniently, to balance the game's ecosystem.

5. Vietnamese games, dominating the Vietnamese market.
- New game produced and released by Vietnamese team - G4M studio
- The technical team possesses more than ten years of experience in the profession, having successfully developed many game genres on the market, from entertainment farm games, to classic role-playing genres.
- Familiar admin team such as: Tomato87, Carrot87, Mr.White, Mr.Black...

- Exclusively released by G4M
- Commit to continuous updates with a long-term roadmap

Let's role-play back to the old summer days, turn on the TV at 5pm to watch Journey to the West, relive unfinished memories with the journey of hunting demons and monsters, go to Tay Thien to request sutras with 4 teachers and students of Duong Tang right away!! !

Size: 152MB
Language: Vietnam

Download Đại Tây Du G4M
Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.g4m.daitaydu
APK: https://apkcombo.com/dai-tay-du-g4m/com.g4m.daitaydu/
iOS: https://testflight.apple.com/join/IknmqjAN

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