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Shining Nikki : Nữ Thần Thời Trang Giftcode - how to redeem code | Shining Nikki : Nữ Thần Thời Trang giftcode | Shining Nikki : Nữ Thần Thời Trang redeem code

Following the success of the famous game Love Nikki (Fashion Star), the latest part of the Nikki series that has reached more than 100 MILLION downloads across platforms is about to launch in Vietnam called Shining Nikki. With upgraded Full 3D graphics, the game promises to bring vivid and familiar experiences to players.

You can freely choose poses and filters that suit your mood and preferences, then design them into magazine covers, movie posters or fashion portraits... Record them. these precious moments with camera and create unique fashion looks with Nikki!

Shining Nikki was conceived by developer Papergames for 3 years with advanced graphics technology, guaranteed to bring beautiful images you have never seen before! Thousands of fabric textures are faithfully reproduced using models consisting of more than 80,000 polygons. In addition, the lighting and shading system has also been developed to the highest level to bring players attractive and realistic experiences.

Thousands of exquisitely designed outfits will fill your wardrobe and make your fashion dreams come true! Promote your creativity by mixing & matching diverse accessories, combining clothes to shape your style or transforming with beautiful shimmering makeup styles... Surely, you will be a star brightest on stage tonight!

Shining Nikki impresses with the unique ideas behind the gorgeous costumes, along with equally interesting stories in each design. Fight alongside Nikki and other designers to save Miraland from impending doom!

Shining Nikki not only achieves visual realism through gorgeous outfits, but also scores points with its extremely friendly interactive gameplay. You can go to the movies, shopping, celebrate birthdays, travel with Nikki! You will become her best friend, witness her growth and share happy moments with Nikki.

Size: 1.16GB
Language: Vietnam, English

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What is the Giftcode Shining Nikki : Nữ Thần Thời Trang

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