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My Hamster Story: Merge Dream Mall is a unique management game that has a lovely art style and a gentle pace. Create a memorable experience during your time after work and study!

⭐Adorable hamsters & adorable stories

You are here to manage a shopping mall for hamsters. You will meet all these adorable hamsters and they will come to you with all kinds of requests or even just to talk to you. And don't forget to occasionally tease these lovely friends, who knows, maybe something unexpected will happen!

Some of them are practicing, some are still students and some have deep pockets...

There are even landlord hamsters and ones wearing pure gold necklaces!

⭐Management & Leadership

Your employees, as cute as they are, can also be a problem for you, because what's really important for your shopping center is to keep them happy when they get into a little trouble or when they submit your resignation letter.

They will be waiters, directors and managers...

And the baristas are always up for a little trick.

⭐Share with your friends on Facebook, hire more staff and take your shopping center to the top of the rankings!

⭐Unlock many fun little shops

You will choose to upgrade your store. Count your coins and build a thriving store from scratch.

There will be a convenience store, dessert shop and cafe.

And the gym! Where you train your chest muscles with a mouse trap...

⭐Keep your wits about you for unexpected events

Not all hamsters are here to spend - some are here to steal from customers or harass them, while some may be here for a windfall...

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Size: 252MB

Language: English

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