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Turn our weak girl in to the strongest in Isekai!

One day, playing game inside her room as usual, suddenly with the shining light, she gets summoned in to Isekai where the game is real.

She arrived in a fighting game world!

Where the strongest character gets to do everything they desire.

After finding out being the strongest in this world would be the only solution for her, girl starts her adventure with nothing but her weak body. but all the other fighters are not to be taken lightly for...

Will she be able to go back to her real world?

What is this game?

▣Easy and comfortable io RPG game.

- beginners can start the game straightaway.

- even when you are not looking at your phone, your characters gets stronger and will earn new skills.

▣Great action animation and lovely characters

- Throw a blow with action-animated skills in combat!

- Collect your own special and lovely characters and make them stronger.

▣Easy and Fast Level up system

- Never stop getting stronger with all the events and rewards awaiting for you.

- Enjoy the game with super skills and vairety of dungeons along with other game contents!

Help the girl to be the strongest in the world!

「Isekai Fighting Girls」 Recommended specification

- Android 5.1 or above

- RAM : Above 2GB

- Quad-core CPU recommended

* Performance might vary according to the model

* Some models are not supported

* Sim Free machines are not supported

Size: 191MB

Language: English

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