Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽 All Giftcode - How to redeem code

Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽 All Giftcode - How to redeem code | Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽 code | Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽 redeem code

◆Fantasy RPG played all over the world, 2 million people take risks with you!
◆Get [999 draws] at the beginning of the game, super cool benefits!
◆Reserve now, and get SSR spirit general "Lei Zhenzi", SSR spirit general "Shiji Niang", SSR myth card "Double Wing Wind and Thunder" and many other gifts!

The fantasy RPG "Three Realms: Fantasy Apocalypse" played all over the world is about to start traveling!
Here, freely explore the big world of the Three Realms, a lot of treasures are waiting for you to explore, multiple benefits are given every day, meet various legendary beauties/gods of war/strange demons, collect rare treasures, create handed down magic weapons for free, give Your most enjoyable Three Realms supreme experience!

==Super Cool Reservation Benefits==

Advance reservations are now open, and [999 draws] will be given away at the beginning of the game!
Then we will send SSR spirit general "Lei Zhenzi", SSR spirit general "Shiji Niang", SSR myth card "Double Wing Wind and Thunder" and many other gifts!

==Game Background==

The game integrates fantasy and history, constructs a new RPG map, and tells the story that after the First Three Worlds War, players, as Destiny Ones, will once again embark on the road of adventure.
In the game, players can experience high-degree-of-freedom RPG exploration gameplay, interactive puzzle solving in various scenes, and nearly a hundred 3D plots to bring immersive animation performances.
In "Three Realms: Fantasy Apocalypse", you will not only challenge the evil forces, but also grow together with your partners. Surprises and challenges along the way urge you to constantly seek the truth and gradually become a great hero. Pick up your weapon and start this great adventure with your companions!

==Game Features==

[999 consecutive draws at the beginning, super cool benefits start]
At the beginning of the game, you will get 999 draws, SSR-limited spirit general partners, and daily magic power to help you grow rapidly in the three realms and experience the fantasy world to your heart's content.

[High-burning 3D plot continues to write the fantasy of the Three Realms]
With a high-burning plot and top-notch animation performances, you will, as the destiny of Linjing Valley, experience the magnificent story line intertwined with history and fantasy, and decide the final direction of the Three Realms!

[Classic RPG elements, the collision of cards and RPG]
Bid farewell to the traditional card push map mode, the map has a super high degree of freedom of RPG exploration content, collecting data, refining equipment, solving puzzles and finding treasures is more free!

【Various mythical decks, free strategy to win】
100+ myth cards, 400+ spirit general skills can be combined freely, break through the shackles of the lineup, attack hand in hand, experience various skill combinations, and show off the ultimate combination skills!

[Palace-level painting style, all three worlds are equipped with high-quality appearance]
Create a palace-level fantasy world with ingenuity, and reshape the peak of the three worlds. Excellent character drawing, gorgeous skill effects, invite you to enter the high-quality oriental fantasy world!

Come and start a fantasy trip of your own in the Three Realms!

==Contact us==
If you encounter any problems in the game, please feel free to communicate with us
"Three Realms: Fantasy Revelation" - Facebook:
"Three Realms: Fantasy Apocalypse" - Discord:

Size: 1.03GB
Language: Chinese

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What is the Giftcode Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽

Don’t miss out on these free gifts for players! They can be very helpful in the early stages of the game and can help you progress quickly. We regularly update the gift codes below and guarantee that they are fully usable.

Gift Code Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽
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How to redeem code Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽

Tap Avatar
Click Giftcode
Enter code
click claim

How to get more code Fantasy Revelation - 三界幻想啟示錄-開局送999抽

    - New of Game gift codes are often published on the game’s official social media handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and the official Discord channel.

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