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Stand Legends: The Pinnacle of Turn-based Strategy

The game possesses an eye-catching graphic style, and the original standard characters, from shaping to skills, ensure an interesting experience for players. Stand Legends, players need to participate in main and side quests to improve combat experience as well as collect items and benefits for their characters. The most notice is the inter-server combat feature, which is a game with a unique and highly flexible way of building formation and will certainly be an attractive place to compare tactics between players from other servers.


1. Realistic Graphics: Following the Story

2. Warrior Awakening: Summoning the Stands

3. Unique Formation: Great Battle

4. Inter-Server Arena: Tactical Level Up

5. More benefits: Lots of gifts

Besides the above features, it is important to mention the great interactive features in the game. The real-time interaction system makes it possible for players to see other players in the main interface, easily chat, make friends, or compete with just one click.

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Size: 1.32GB

Language: English

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