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Welcome to the Safari Zone, to be a monster hunter and embark on an adventure.

Game Features:

【Endless Monster Transformations】

Hundreds of monsters with different rarities are showcased, each with unique appearances, attributes, and skills. Collecting higher rarity monsters will grant you more powerful abilities, enhancing your monster's capabilities and quality, satisfying your collecting and growth preferences.

【Diverse Training Paths】

Advanced evolution system allows your monsters to unlock new forms, skills, and attributes through evolution. Upgrade and promote your monsters to unlock more advanced rune systems, talent systems, breakthrough systems, and equipment systems, making your monster's training journey more challenging and funny.

【New Battle Modes】

Abundant PvE gameplay, including level stage, dungeon challenges, and boss battles. Unlock more levels and storyline quests to obtain rich experience and items. Multiple PvP battle modes, such as arenas, ranking matches, league battles, and cross-server wars, provide you with exciting and stimulating combat experiences.

【Cross-Border Competition】

The game brings together players from all over the world, offering rich cross-server competitive activities online. And there is an international community with multilingual support offline,which allowing you to communicate game strategies and experiences with players from around the world, and make more friends,this will make your game and life more interesting.

Join us now, as game friends from all over the world are waiting for you

Size: 1.10GB

Language: English

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