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Offcial Launch on September 12

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"Darkness descends. Devil dragon revived!”

Unleash ultimate ancient power in the epic vast fantasy world!

[Legendary Fantasy RPG]

Discover immersive environments filled with mysteries, quests, and challenges. With next-generation 3D cutting-edge graphics and sound effects, you'll feel like you’re truly there as you explore Last Ultima’s lush landscapes and battlefields. Rich lore, engaging characters, and intricate storylines are waiting for you. Let's dominate the multiverse and guard the peace of our new world!

[Delicate Face Customization]

With detailed character customization, you can create unique character with unlimited options! It's time to unleash your creativity! From choosing your character's race to picking the perfect hairstyle and outfit, Last Ultima lets you create the character of your dreams.

[Unimaginable PVE/PVP Battle]

Fight against other players or engage in thrilling PvE battles! Take on epic bosses in challenging dungeons, team up with other warriors to take down massive world monsters, and engage in exciting wars against rival factions!

[Remarkable Character Upgrade]

Embark on an epic journey as a Swordmaster, Assassin, Sage, or Gunner. Each class has unique skills and abilities to master. You can enhance your weapons and armors, unlock powerful new abilities, and with multiple ways to upgrade your character. Warriors always have a new goal to strive for!

[Peerless Team Assembly]

Forge alliances with other players and team up to conquer tougher quests or engage in epic battles against fierce enemies! Connect with warriors around the world and join a guild to team up and build lasting friendships. Host events, create quests, and engage in player-driven content that puts the power in your hands!

Dear warrior, come embark on this ultimate RPG journey and conquer your throne!

Size: 1.87MB

Language: English

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