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Unleash Your Inner Trainer! Embark on an Epic Card Battle Adventure!

Collect, train, and strategize with a diverse roster of powerful creatures. Uncover their hidden potential through leveling, evolving, and combining. Assemble your ultimate team, conquer challenging quests, and rise to the top! The battle for victory starts now!

Enter a World of Legendary Creatures and Tactical Battles!

Forge your path as a master tactician in this captivating card battle game. Discover a universe filled with awe-inspiring creatures, each with unique abilities and skills. Unleash devastating combos, outsmart your opponents, and dominate the battlefield. Are you ready to become the ultimate champion?

Size: 152MB

Language: English

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Giftcode Fingertip Monster POKE001
  1. POKE002
  2. POKE003
  3. POKE004
  4. POKE005
  5. POKE006
  6. LEVE020 (Need Level 20)
  7. LEVE030 (Need Level 30)
  8. LEVE040 (Need Level 40)
  9. LEVE050 (Need Level 50)
  10. SEPT001
  11. SEPT002

How to redeem code Fingertip Monster

Menu - Options - Input

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