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Your dynasty, More than fantasy! Be the romantic figures of the ages, relive the fantasy Samkok beyond imagination, the new chapter of Three Kingdoms is up to you to write. Among Heroes, the brand-new idle fantasy Samkok RPG debuts gorgeously in Southeast Asia!

Game Features
➤Visual Enjoyment
Enjoy the immersive Samkok fantasy world with stunning graphics and exquisite characters! Recruit and fight alongside gorgeous Samkok heroes, and build up an all-star team of your own. Hundreds of high-quality heroes are at your command!

➤Abundant Developing Gameplay
Diverse development systems allow you to freely grow and enhance the main character. Promote your official rank to boost combat power; Treasure, Beauty, and Dragonlord... all the abundant gameplays are in the mansion!

➤Enriched Tactics
The unique faction of fantasy heroes frees you from the burden of training. Fantasy heroes can switch to every of the basic four factions effortlessly with all equipment and resources inherited. Feel free to try your perfect lineup and indulge in the pleasure of winning battles!

➤Superb Benefits
Login to get a super high rate of fabulous rewards. Start with 10 billion crystal diamonds, combat power soars to the sky! One tap to claim all AFK rewards with ease every day.

➤Socializing Fun
Plenty of PVP/PVE/GVG gameplay allows you to explore the Three Kingdoms and make friends, fight side by side with legion mates and compete on the battlefield. Write fantasy legends among heroes with your friends.

Size: 582MB
Language: English, Thailand, Vietnamese, Chineses,...

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How to redeem code Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok
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