Đấu Trường ATOM Giftcode - How to redeem code

Đấu Trường ATOM Giftcode - How to redeem code | share full code Đấu Trường ATOM | How to reddem code Đấu Trường ATOM | Đấu Trường ATOM by GOSU
ATOM Arena is a turn-based strategy game where futuristic warriors are trying to save the world from the brink of destruction. Who will you be in this war?
Choose for yourself an army and together conquer the world of ATOM Arena now!
Discover unique features:
1. Breeding warriors - The pinnacle of technology
Enjoy hybridization, use futuristic technology to combine warriors to become the most powerful squad.
2. Anime Universe - Unleash Exploration
Attractive Chibi Anime style graphics, more than 6,000++ levels available, free to explore.
3. Break the Lab - Get the ultimate gift
Unleash your exploration of Lab levels. Confront other players, collect materials and equipment to prepare for fierce battle.
4. Immense benefits - Drop Ga Cay Hoe
Sign in to attendance and participate in activities to instantly receive a Warrior Summon Card, Rare Equipment, Elemental Cores and countless other resources, without worrying about boredom.
5. Free Trade - Grow Vegetarian to VIP
Friendly market system, convenient for all players to freely exchange and trade. Log in daily, get VIP points immediately.
Download the game now and explore together the ATOM Arena style world, future warriors!
Information Đấu Trường ATOM
Size: 820 MB
Meeting day: 01/08/2023
Publisher: GOSU
Communication: Android/IOS
Download Đấu Trường ATOM
IOS: https://apps.apple.com/vn/app/%C4%91%E1%BA%A5u-tr%C6%B0%E1%BB%9Dng-atom/id6446388135
Instructions for Entering Giftcode:
【Bước 1】 Nhấp vào Avatar Nhân Vật-> Chọn Quà Tặng
【Bước 2】Nhập Giftcode vào ô và quay về Thư để nhận quà

Latest Giftcode Collection:
Expired gift code:
Gift code is checked and updated 02/08/2023
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Giftcode Expired: 
    - There is currently no expired code
Giftcode's Gift:
    - Item
Video Code
Loading Instructions
In-Game Top Up Via Google Play Payment Gateway and App Store:
    - Select top up icon - choose top up package - choose payment method - confirm payment
    - Easy loading.
    - Top up with the main account of the phone sim.
    - Tax.
    - Do not receive additional incentives from the publisher.

Top Up Through the Issuer's Payment Gateway:
    - Go to the web https://pay.gosu.vn/ - login - choose server and character - choose recharge package - choose payment method - confirm payment.
    - No tax charged.
    - Get more offers from the publisher.
    - Loading a bit messy.
    - Can't top up with the main account of the phone sim if it doesn't support it.
Video pay
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