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Yin-Yang Gioi - The first RPG game to combine with Turnbase to create a new, unique, and engaging gameplay. The game possesses a super beautiful 3D graphics platform along with an attractive storyline with bold colors in the yin and yang world.
Game system:
⚔️ Unique gameplay:
Game Play combines Turnbase and RPG gameplay, Yin Yang Gioi (ADG) promises to bring you many new, exciting and exciting experiences.
⚔️ Diverse shapes - Unleash your creativity:
Yin and Yang World (ADG) has 9 formations, each formation has a different characteristic: Increase healing, attack, endurance...Freely choose the formation that suits your Shikigami and participate in the battle. Adventure in the fantasy RPG world. ADG gives you many options that are completely different from other Card games.
⚔️ Than Binh crafting system is only available at ADG:
The Yin Yang Gioi allows you to forge your own god warrior, even while you're fighting in the climax of the match! Customize and create unlimitedly your own "Divine Soldiers" and can use up to 4 Divine Soldiers in the same match. This is a very unique feature that any player can access, craft and rely on their own dignity to be able to own extremely powerful divine soldiers. As long as you have the opportunity to forge a Divine Weapon, you can confidently defeat any enemy.
⚔️ Unique PvP system:
- Various forms of cross-server PvP.
- PvP 3 matches. 1 match uses 6 generals combined with the formation to create unique tactics.
Get ready! Welcome the most exciting PvP modes and fierce adventure battles on the Turnbase game combined with RPG only in Yin and Yang World (ADG)
⚔️ Japanese style shikigami combined with beautiful ancient style:
Let's start a new adventure life in this vast 3D Yin and Yang world. Players will be able to meet and summon shikigami with new shapes, unique skills, and fight to protect their own world between Yin and Yang in the Yin and Yang World.
⚔️ A close-knit community system
Unique and attractive guild activities, many guild Boss equipment, sharing strategies and boss hunting.
The story of Yin and Yang World (ADG) begins when the war between the two worlds of Yin and Yang broke out, forcing the Air Purifiers to appear to rescue the three worlds.
Here there are only Air Purifiers, people who can summon powerful gods, defeat demons, and fight to protect the world.
Players will play the role of an Air Purifier with a dream of traveling around the world of Yin and Yang, crafting and collecting powerful Divine Weapons, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery and self-development. Along with that, there are also diverse formations, powerful cards, players can also through in-game activities such as PvE, PvP, open the storyline to search and collect materials to create Divine Soldiers. rank SSR to compete in the world of Yin and Yang.
Travel through many lands, meet many wild warriors, face many difficulties and powerful enemies, You will fight, learn and slowly grow up to the top power in the Yin-Yang Realm. What are you waiting for, get into the role and write your own legend.
Information Âm Dương Giới
Size: 880 MB
Meeting day: 8/07/2023
Publisher: NOTA
Communication: Android/IOS
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IOS: coming soon...
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